Camp cooking, round 1


A first attempt at cooking with the stove: A basic cup of hot chocolate.


  • The original pot I had was so small that it could not actually cover the unfolded blades of the stove, making it incredibly unstable.
  • The stove I bought is actually quite large relative to others that only use white gas.
    • I did some research and discovered that the white gas fuel is available in the United States but not so much in Europe and is very hard to find in Asia
    • So, it was a good idea to go with the stove that can also use liquid fuel.
  • My first attempt at cooking was to make hot chocolate.
    • I discovered that the thinness of the titanium pot makes it very prone to burn materials.
    • Though on the other hand it is fairly easy to clean afterwards.
  • The hot chocolate was delicious but immediately after cooking it I tried to disconnect the gas, which upset the pot.
    • I spilled a lot of it requiring quick attention with paper towels and a sponge.
    • Lessons learned:
      • Wait to disconnect the gas until the stove is clear.
      • Take potential spill and splash zones seriously because cleanup materials are hard to find in a camp.
  • Afterwards I found that the stove and the cooking plate and the spork and the canister stand would all fit inside the pot
    • I did not have any easy way to keep the pot closed so I cut a luggage strap to fit around it.
    • This left the fuel bottle, the fuel bottle insert, the fuel canister, the spare parts, and the air shield outside.
    • All those items fit together in the original sack, except for the fuel canister.  The fuel bottle kind of poked out the top though.
  • As long as I cleaned the pot thoroughly after use I now had a cooking set contained in a pot and a sack, with a very small frying pan for a lid, small enough to fit in one of the mesh bags on my pannier.
  • Even with this slightly larger pot, there was still some instability on the burner.
    • Plus if I want to fry more than two eggs, or cook more than a fistful of pasta, I need more room.
  • Because of the thin walls of my cookware I will have to do most of my cooking using water to distribute heat.
    • For example steaming broccoli or squash or cooking noodles or sausage.
  • I suspect I am soon going to want some kind of prep table or cutting board.
  • Speaking of which, I do not have a knife.

Round 2

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