Do it! Go on a long bike ride!

First time I've resolved my IP and seen the Icelandic flag...
The route I ended up riding, after making some on-the-fly changes.
This is roughly how the Ortlieb bag hangs.
It's a medium-sized clip.
Just a basic aluminum carabiner-style clip.
A stout luggage strap, of the non-stretchy variety.
The luggage strap rolled up for storage.
Thread the luggage strap through these.
The man who fenced my stolen bike at the Coliseum flea market.
Closeup of the man who fenced my stolen bike.
License plate belonging to the car of the man who fenced my stolen bike
Lock skewer in place on rear wheel
Valoria as I recovered her from the theft.
Research data collected by the ship during the journey.
I saw this view a lot.
The water on the ship is horrible too. Either you buy it in really expensive bottles, or you bring your own supply. I filled this in the Faroe Islands.
The chocolate pie was so good, and the chocolate on the ship was so bad, that I snuck some pie aboard.
Everything you need to carry around, when you have a locker: Your badge, the locker key, and enough coins to open it six more times.
It's first-world for sure! Here I am enjoying some amazingly good chocolate pie.

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“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.”

Leonard Bernstein (possibly quoting someone else)