Do it! Go on a long bike ride!

Awesome art from a local artist.
Yeah it doesn't have much to do with Iceland but I like the texture.
The house really makes the scene I think.
Tough job being a parent.
Hooray for zoom lenses!
Watching the watcher.
Got to raise them quickly so they can fly away before the ice comes.
Even if it's not big enough for a nest, it's a good spot for a rest.
A very crafty nesting spot.

Current journey: Iceland

“Much in the universe baffled me, yet I knew I could pry the answers out of books if I lived & studied longer. Geology, for example. Just how did these ancient sediments & stratifications get crystallised & upheaved into granite peaks? Geography — just what would Scott & Shackleton & Borchgrevink find in the great white antarctic on their next expeditions … which I could – if I wished – live to see described? … As I contemplated an exit without further knowledge I became uncomfortably conscious of what I didn’t know. Tantalising gaps existed everywhere. … What of the vast gulfs of space outside all familiar lands?”

H.P. Lovecraft, describing why he decided not to commit suicide as a young man.

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