Do it! Go on a long bike ride!

Obviously this ad would not run well today in 2020.
The route I ended up riding.
Vreeee-eeeerp vreeee-errrrrp!
When old auto glass breaks.
I do believe I will!
The proprietor was quite nice. She even filled my water thermos for free!
Good luck popping the hood to work on this car...
Hey, it's my favorite show!
Need to open a bottle?
Too much sun does terrible things, kids.
Cruising speed: Zero.
Ready to roll!
Tailgate party anyone?
It's a jungle in there!
Hasn't moved in a while I reckon...
I do believe I've wandered into "Radiator Springs" from the movie "Cars"!

Latest journey: Reno To Carlsbad

“Much in the universe baffled me, yet I knew I could pry the answers out of books if I lived & studied longer. Geology, for example. Just how did these ancient sediments & stratifications get crystallised & upheaved into granite peaks? Geography — just what would Scott & Shackleton & Borchgrevink find in the great white antarctic on their next expeditions … which I could – if I wished – live to see described? … As I contemplated an exit without further knowledge I became uncomfortably conscious of what I didn’t know. Tantalising gaps existed everywhere. … What of the vast gulfs of space outside all familiar lands?”

H.P. Lovecraft, describing why he decided not to commit suicide as a young man.

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