Do it! Go on a long bike ride!

I am not kidding about Icelanders and their affection for line-drying things.
Want warm towels? Pipe hot water straight through the towel rack.
Fairly misty. Not as misty as it would eventually become...
From way down the highway I can look back and still see the tourbus tourists walking around the waterfall.
Trout on rye. Remove the plate, keep the plastic. Perfect roadside snack for later.
Goðafoss visitor center.
Bridge for tourists to get to Goðafoss from the parking area.
Goðafoss viewing area.
Tourists can't get enough of this one weird bike.
Great masses of people arriving by bus and car, then walking around to the waterfall.
A pretty good camping area. And it was free!
Striking camp. Takes about five minutes!
An impression of my side, in the dirt.
Where I took a spill.
The cutest little stream ever! For today, at least.
That's a pretty screwed-up bridge.

Current journey: Iceland

“Much in the universe baffled me, yet I knew I could pry the answers out of books if I lived & studied longer. Geology, for example. Just how did these ancient sediments & stratifications get crystallised & upheaved into granite peaks? Geography — just what would Scott & Shackleton & Borchgrevink find in the great white antarctic on their next expeditions … which I could – if I wished – live to see described? … As I contemplated an exit without further knowledge I became uncomfortably conscious of what I didn’t know. Tantalising gaps existed everywhere. … What of the vast gulfs of space outside all familiar lands?”

H.P. Lovecraft, describing why he decided not to commit suicide as a young man.

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