Do it! Go on a long bike ride!

Moonrise over the Icelandic plains, closer on.
The narrow patch of horizon between cloud and rock.
Moonrise over the Icelandic plains.
Excess steam from an installation in the Myvatn Geothermal Area.
All my lunch snacks for today and tomorrow morning. The fish was marvelous.
Too many rocks around? Pick them up and make fences out of them. Problem = solved.
This way to Birkiland!
Iceland: You can ride out of your glorious first-world hotel with the wall-to-wall tile and the heated towel rack, and pass by a building like this, still in regular use.
Sure it's got a few holes, but it's more than enough to deter curious sheep. Well it would be, if it didn't just end after about 30 meters...
Ice cream while pedaling! Life is good.
Kept here temporarily while I load up my other gear.
I am not kidding about Icelanders and their affection for line-drying things.
Want warm towels? Pipe hot water straight through the towel rack.
Fairly misty. Not as misty as it would eventually become...

Current journey: Iceland

“To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan, and not quite enough time.”

Leonard Bernstein (possibly quoting someone else)

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