Bike touring is not a relatively popular activity where I live (in the United States), though it’s slowly catching on. I think everyone should at least give it a try.

8 years old and ready to roll!

33 years old, camping overnight in Big Basin Redwoods, California.

45 years old, circling Iceland in the late summer.

  • It’s healthy aerobic exercise that’s easy on the body.

Riding through some pretty massive hills...


  • It brings new environments, in a context where they can be patiently explored.

WHAT crossing?!

Now this is an office.

Enjoying the day.

  • It lets you connect with new people as you go.

Birgir is an awesome host, and he's a fellow cyclist too!

I can't believe I forgot to ask him his name.


Shout-out to Glen, giving his trailer a trial-run on this Iceland tour!

Sonni saved my bacon!

The fellow who built the Steinasafn.

Sjanni is a great fellow and I wish I'd had more time to spend with him!

This guy's name is Patti Burgersson. (I'm lying.)

  • As long-range personal travel goes, it has an extremely low environmental impact.

Good ol' Valoria!

My trusty steed, Valoria, crossing the valley!

These things combine to create a unique and very rewarding kind of travel.

Yeeeaaaaahhhh bicycling!!

More personal reasons

I’ve gone on plenty of bike tours, and had lots of time to think about my own personal connection to the activity. You might find these more inspiring than the list above. Or maybe not! Everyone finds their own way.

And just to cover all the angles, here are some reasons not to go, and reasons not to blog about it if you do!

2 Responses to Why?

  1. Janet Noble says:

    A note to compliment you on your Valoria story! It was so well written and quite a compelling and fascinating story.

    My favorite section was when you told the story from the bike’s point of view! Very well done!

    My husband, Brian Aldrich, and I are longtime members of GPC, and Zach Kaplan shared a link to your detective story to club members (as there was a discussion going about bike theft issues).

    And CONGRATULATIONS on your success in getting your bike back!

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