Camp cooking, round 2

Removed Materials:

Added Materials:


  • I moved to a larger pot and fry pan, with a non-stick coating instead of titanium.
    • This unit comes with four plastic cups, two nested inside the others.
      • Though cute, I reasoned that I didn’t actually need four or even two cups
      • So I’m sticking with my original titanium cup, and leaving out all the plastic cups.
  • I still need at least one plate, perhaps two for food preparation.
    • There are plates that fit perfectly inside this cookset, but they are sold in a different product, which is annoying and wasteful.
      • I’d have to spend another 35 dollars for them and then throw away the four additional cups and two of the plates.
  • This unit comes with a lid for the pot that is separate from the fry pan.
    • I suppose it would be handy if I had two burners instead of one and wanted to fry and boil at the same time.  But I don’t.
    • The lid is also not suitable for placing over the pan.  Apparently hot grease should not contact it.  That sharply reduces its usefulness.
      • Why would they handicap this well-planned cooking set with this lid?
  • There is enough room inside to fit all the parts of the stove in their original sack, except for the fuel bottle and/or canister(s).
    • Those items can now be placed in a separate drawstring sack.
  • The whole set is held together with a waterproof half-sack which acts as a water carrying bowl and washing-up sink.  Pretty convenient.
  • The wrapped-up set and the fuel bottle bag still fit into one mesh sack on the outside of my panniers.
  • Much easier to cook regular-size meals, easier to clean, and now I have room for plates.
  • Still no knife.
  • The spork is not a very good fork.
  • I think I may want to move to a dedicated fork and knife, but a plastic spoon so I can eat right out of the non-stick pot when I make cereal or soup.

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