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Headed East

Time to leave civilization for the rugged frontier of slightly less civilization!

I find this map - printed on the side of a van - highly amusing.

Birgir is an awesome host, and he's a fellow cyclist too!

Replacing the batteries in my cadence and speed sensors. I love data!

Yes, it has fish collagen in it. Or at least, that's what it claims.

Looking over to the island - and archaeological site - of Videy.

Vatnagarðar harbor. Modern shipping is indispensable for maintaining Iceland’s first-world affluence.

On the way out of town!

This sign is brought to you by the local gangs "FLORA" and "KGB"...?

Lazy bun-day!
It has no button. It just runs perpetually. Well, unless it freezes I assume?
Bike tools are everywhere!
I enjoy signs like this.
I thought it would be easier than the highway. I was wrong!
Just when I thought the road couldn't get worse...

No winter service! Good thing I'm nowhere near winter!

Floridana: Produced in Iceland. Hilarious!

The road behind, with the city beyond.
The road ahead. Up and up it goes!
Some steamy action in the distance!
Now we're pretty high up...
Check out the little joint at the bottom to handle shifts in temperature.
I call this rock "Pointy Gap Rock". (I also call it my temporary bathroom.)
Ugh, when will the climbing end?
Holey Muckei!! That is well beyond a 15% grade!! ARRRGH!

I love the politeness of this sign.

Sesar and Skuggi

A cozy first night in the tent, on this trip.

As easy to set up as ever.

An absolute bombardment of hungry bugs.

Alas, the fun has deflated.

Sunlight breaking through just around the mountain slopes.

It's some kind of petting zoo I think?
Julie Andrews is standing somewhere on there, spinning around, about to burst into song.
Mountain slope cut into a wedge by the clouds.
Marching into the misty distance.
Glass insulators on the giant power lines.

Hello horses!

Stopping to put on some warmer gear.

This bridge apparently leads straight into a thicket.

The plaque remains even though the information has slid off!
I have to wonder... Are there so few white stones here because tourists have been stealing them away, a few at a time, for years?
I guarantee you this cat lived a good life. Iceland is paradise for cats.
Frida lived a mere 12 years, but I bet they were good ones.
Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ is a Sanskrit mantra, representing a condensed form of the Buddhist teachings.

I was very tempted to go hiking off into this!

Warning: Big trucks parked really badly across the whole dang highway, ahead.

Oh boy! Another local cat!

Local cat pettings are the best.

All local cats are called into service in the summer months to spread fuzzy love.

I was a bit curious about this place but skipped it in the end.

The two skulls are the owners of the bakery, cackling over a treasure chest of bread!

So this is where Nick keeps his ice cream!

A weird reminder of home, hanging on the bakery wall.

Stopping in Selfoss

Sunset at 11pm, sunrise at 4:00am. I hope you brought a sleep mask!

For a good chunk of each evening, this bridge is a traffic jam.

They're all too tiny to wear, but they're quite adorable.

Those lovely birch-carved trout bits!

Committing to the highlands

Must ... eat ... baked .. goods!

Spontaneously ending a road is a dirty trick to play on a cyclist.

Fasten your seat belts!

I dig the highly visible vest!

This is the intersection where I commit to a trip through some of the highlands.

Pastoral goodness.

Suspicious sheep.

Very pleasant riding out here.

Fellow adventurers!

Nearby the kids had a boombox blasting "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

Resting where a pond used to be.
Hay is for horses!
Pleasant country riding.
More stuff that way than this way.
Up and away!
I'm not entirely sure what operation is happening here, but it looks difficult.

The register display was stuck in self-test mode. I was amused.

Enjoying the weather and my hat flaps.

Tucked away in the tent.

Chilling in Árnes campground

A pretty good spot.

Drying out items before packing.

It rained for most of the day.

My shelter from the rain. Snacks, bathroom, and electricity!

I don't know where it came from, or why it's here in this tiny entryway.

He plays the saxophone really well, and drives tour buses for extra income.

Melty mid-day snack.

Cool people put this on their fries.

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