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Chilling in Árnes campground

A pretty good spot.

Drying out items before packing.

It rained for most of the day.

My shelter from the rain. Snacks, bathroom, and electricity!

I don't know where it came from, or why it's here in this tiny entryway.

He plays the saxophone really well, and drives tour buses for extra income.

Melty mid-day snack.

Cool people put this on their fries.

Thoughtful Ride To Þjórsárdalur Camp

Ready for another day on the road!

Now you see it ...

... Now you don't.

Frozen mountain top in the distance.

Messy post-rain cloudscape.

One liter of reduced-fat milk: My constant companion in Iceland.
Enjoying the wacky weather.
Spot the sheep!

Ready for another evening.

Comfy as usual!

The Commonwealth

Sleeping bag got a little damp at the foot again. Time to dry it before packing.

What damp adventures lay ahead today?

Pricey, but given how hard it is to find salad greens in this country, I'll take it.

Wild, weird ground cover.

Info about the farm replica.


The hand sanitizer is a bit out of place, but oh well.
Whoah, okay, there's that 'stepped inside a game of Skyrim' feeling again, big time.
Oh boy, poop troughs!


Strangely narrow hallways.

Drying things off again!

Into the Highlands

The room without luggage exploded all over it.

A nicely equipped highland touring bike.

Gas? Who needs gas!!

I like this guy!

These little hillside streams are often exploding with green.
Water suspended on moss.
It's like running your finger over extremely thick grass.
A really intense carpet.
Everything is just the right size to make surface tension a major factor.
The carpet goes right to the edge of the water.
Long strands of moss.
Waiting to climb the next hill.
What's this land good for?
Volcanic wasteland.
Glacial lake thick with rock dust.
Fresh water from contributing streams mixes slowly.
Power marching off towards the city.
At first I thought it was a burned-out cabin. I think it's actually some kind of monument.

Two flavors of glacier, mixing together.

I recommend against jumping!

A fine place to contemplate hydrodynamics.

The first of many, many sand skids.

Under every rock... A spider!

Very slowly climbing the hills.
This is a pretty weird landscape.
Lots of funky road ahead.
Politely discouraging off-road drivers.

Yet another sand skid.

Ugh, nearly fell from that one.

Water busily rushing.

Enjoying the weirdness of the place.

The sun's getting low at the edge of the hills.

One pedal at a time...
Where I stepped up from the road to walk around a bit.
It looks like mud, but it was solid enough for riding. Most of the time.
This is what you get, for decades hence, when some punk-ass tourist decides the rules don't apply to him.
What's around the bend? More mountains!
Lava tube funkyness by the side of the road.
Hey look, an intersection!
Tired but enjoying life.

Come on GPS, stick with me...

I find it hilarious that there is a warning about needing a 4x4 vehicle out here in the middle of the park.

It's a wee footbridge! Strong enough for my bike too.

Manhandling the bike over the hillside trail that pedestrians use to get to the camp.

Perhaps this is part of a sign, repurposed to be part of the bridge. Why else would it be here?

The charming pathway to the camp. That water is actually quite warm.

Folks up late doing dishes.

The sign at the head of a four day hiking trail.

One of the few acceptable patches of open ground that was also a polite distance from other campers.

Exploring On Foot For A Change

Doing laundry in the midday sun.

The camp area during the day.

The site in the late afternoon.
These clever campers found a wooden pallet and built their tent over it.
Folks lined up in the car camping area. Looks like one of them is a bike rental company.
A Kubb pitch.
A busy campground!


Pretty steep price. Perhaps they got tired of people "borrowing" their power sockets.

Be Nicelandic! Don't be an Iceland Dick!

A bus full of goods.

Today's lunch, tomorrow's breakfast.

Sardines from Poland! At least, that's what my translate app says.

Now this is an office.
A wide, flat glacial outwash plain, also known as a sandur.
A procession of hikers, doing the more elevation-heavy day hike around the ridge.
Someone enjoying the wind.
Some hikers reaching the high point of the northern ridge trail.

Have fun in there, folks!

Folks basting in their juices.

Hoenstly, I will never understand the appeal of sitting in a hot spring with two dozen random strangers.

I wonder what the story behind these is. Are they all from cars that got destroyed by the roads?
A slightly more traditional looking structure.
Yay Iceland!
Sheep doin' their chompy thing.
The hot water is host to all kinds of strange life.
If this was in Oakland I would assume it was industrial waste. Out here, it's got to be some naturally growing variety of algae.
Mist coming off the hot water.

A driver trying their luck.

I hope those luggage compartments are water-sealed!

A beat-up diagram. I'm currently at the lower of the two house icons.

Hikers examining the local maps, and getting advice.

Yay! More bike tourists!

A tempting valley to explore.
An enjoyable evening walk along a rough riverside trail.
So many interesting rocks here!
The sun lingers at this angle for hours.
Such interesting light here.
A nicely oriented lens flare, I think.
Climbing up out of the narrow valley, onto the lava field.

A confusing terrain.

Alternately rough, and smooth as glass.

Some artist could probably turn this into about two dozen really nice looking table lamps. Well, except it would be illegal to do so.

I swear it looks like a hunk of stale bread.
Slowly the moss and lichen heaps up on the rocks, and tears it apart, a tiny piece at a time.
Such odd shapes here.
It kind of looks like the rock face exploded.
A bit of open space running through the middle of the lava field.
It looks terribly romantic!
Oh crap, I should have been on this trail the entire time. I feel pretty dumb about that.
Given how many people must walk on this trail every year, it's no surprise they were having problems with erosion before they set it up.
The official bathing area isn't the only spot with hot water. All this water runs the spectrum from warm to burning.

Heading back down towards the camping area.

Three sheep buts clustered together looks really alarmingly like a black bear.


Mineral deposits crusting over the hot water spigot, making it look much older than it actually is. Not to mention gross.

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