Into the Highlands

The room without luggage exploded all over it.

A nicely equipped highland touring bike.

Gas? Who needs gas!!

I like this guy!

These little hillside streams are often exploding with green.
Water suspended on moss.
It's like running your finger over extremely thick grass.
A really intense carpet.
Everything is just the right size to make surface tension a major factor.
The carpet goes right to the edge of the water.
Long strands of moss.
Waiting to climb the next hill.
What's this land good for?
Volcanic wasteland.
Glacial lake thick with rock dust.
Fresh water from contributing streams mixes slowly.
Power marching off towards the city.
At first I thought it was a burned-out cabin. I think it's actually some kind of monument.

Two flavors of glacier, mixing together.

I recommend against jumping!

A fine place to contemplate hydrodynamics.

The first of many, many sand skids.

Under every rock... A spider!

Very slowly climbing the hills.
This is a pretty weird landscape.
Lots of funky road ahead.
Politely discouraging off-road drivers.

Yet another sand skid.

Ugh, nearly fell from that one.

Water busily rushing.

Enjoying the weirdness of the place.

The sun's getting low at the edge of the hills.

One pedal at a time...
Where I stepped up from the road to walk around a bit.
It looks like mud, but it was solid enough for riding. Most of the time.
This is what you get, for decades hence, when some punk-ass tourist decides the rules don't apply to him.
What's around the bend? More mountains!
Lava tube funkyness by the side of the road.
Hey look, an intersection!
Tired but enjoying life.

Come on GPS, stick with me...

I find it hilarious that there is a warning about needing a 4x4 vehicle out here in the middle of the park.

It's a wee footbridge! Strong enough for my bike too.

Manhandling the bike over the hillside trail that pedestrians use to get to the camp.

Perhaps this is part of a sign, repurposed to be part of the bridge. Why else would it be here?

The charming pathway to the camp. That water is actually quite warm.

Folks up late doing dishes.

The sign at the head of a four day hiking trail.

One of the few acceptable patches of open ground that was also a polite distance from other campers.

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