Sesar and Skuggi

A cozy first night in the tent, on this trip.

As easy to set up as ever.

An absolute bombardment of hungry bugs.

Alas, the fun has deflated.

Sunlight breaking through just around the mountain slopes.

It's some kind of petting zoo I think?
Julie Andrews is standing somewhere on there, spinning around, about to burst into song.
Mountain slope cut into a wedge by the clouds.
Marching into the misty distance.
Glass insulators on the giant power lines.

Hello horses!

Stopping to put on some warmer gear.

This bridge apparently leads straight into a thicket.

The plaque remains even though the information has slid off!
I have to wonder... Are there so few white stones here because tourists have been stealing them away, a few at a time, for years?
I guarantee you this cat lived a good life. Iceland is paradise for cats.
Frida lived a mere 12 years, but I bet they were good ones.
Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ is a Sanskrit mantra, representing a condensed form of the Buddhist teachings.

I was very tempted to go hiking off into this!

Warning: Big trucks parked really badly across the whole dang highway, ahead.

Oh boy! Another local cat!

Local cat pettings are the best.

All local cats are called into service in the summer months to spread fuzzy love.

I was a bit curious about this place but skipped it in the end.

The two skulls are the owners of the bakery, cackling over a treasure chest of bread!

So this is where Nick keeps his ice cream!

A weird reminder of home, hanging on the bakery wall.

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