Headed East

Time to leave civilization for the rugged frontier of slightly less civilization!

I find this map - printed on the side of a van - highly amusing.

Said goodbye to my host.

Birgir is an awesome host, and he's a fellow cyclist too!

Gave him a test ride on the recumbent.  It was not adjusted right for him at all but he went a good 50 meters on it.

Rode to the coffee shop to assemble my final set of paperwork and make a decision about whether I should visit a print shop today or later on in the trip.

Enjoyed the mocha at the coffee place for the last time, then rode up the peninsula to the hardware store and bought two batteries for the speed and cadence sensors on my bike.  The clerk thought I’d purchased the prior batteries at the same store and apologized for “the trouble” of me supposedly having to come back because I bought the wrong ones.  It was too late for me to correct him; I’d already paid.

Took a route out of town similar to the one I’d taken before, at first.

Rode along a riverbank for a while which was quite pleasant.

Replacing the batteries in my cadence and speed sensors. I love data!

Yes, it has fish collagen in it. Or at least, that's what it claims.

Looking over to the island - and archaeological site - of Videy.

Vatnagarðar harbor. Modern shipping is indispensable for maintaining Iceland’s first-world affluence.

On the way out of town!

This sign is brought to you by the local gangs "FLORA" and "KGB"...?

Saw lots of buns.

Lazy bun-day!

Stopped at a fast food gas station joint and did some tourist watching.  The olympics was on the TV screen.  Got a “memphis” burger which turned out to be a cut-rate fast-food style burger with barbecue sauce added.

Oh well, it was protein and calories, and it was convenient.

Accidentally rode onto a patch of dirt road.  Passed a group of girls riding horses.  The road got very bad, and they all turned around and went back the other way.  I waited with my bike parked while they passed me, to avoid spooking the horses.  They waved.

It has no button. It just runs perpetually. Well, unless it freezes I assume?
Bike tools are everywhere!
I enjoy signs like this.
I thought it would be easier than the highway. I was wrong!
Just when I thought the road couldn't get worse...

The bushes were quite thick on both sides of the road.  When I went ahead the road got even worse.  Possible riding for a horse but not pleasant for such a packed-together group.

I turned north onto the main road.

No winter service! Good thing I'm nowhere near winter!

It went up and up for hours, following a pipeline.  Then it went WAY up, suddenly, and kept wiggling.

I listened to lots of Goon Show and had a good time.

Ate a bunch of fish.  Ranted to the wind that saving money on hotels means I can spend money on fish.

Floridana: Produced in Iceland. Hilarious!

At the 1300-foot mark it finally peaked.

The downhill side was monstrous.  I was very glad I didn’t need to climb it.  The road was striped with tire marks, some of them moving alarmingly around the road.  People overcorrecting, or lane-wandering, or just letting the speed get away from them and panicking at the next curve.

The road behind, with the city beyond.
The road ahead. Up and up it goes!
Some steamy action in the distance!
Now we're pretty high up...
Check out the little joint at the bottom to handle shifts in temperature.
I call this rock "Pointy Gap Rock". (I also call it my temporary bathroom.)
Ugh, when will the climbing end?
Holey Muckei!! That is well beyond a 15% grade!! ARRRGH!

I passed a hot spring with a sign warning about the extreme temperature.

I love the politeness of this sign.

It got quite dark.

Wandered to the back of the camping area at the campsite.

Some older guy with a daughter waved a flashlight at me and went “weeeooo weeeoo it’s the police, haahaha ha hahahaa!”

I scowled at him.  Then I picked up and moved my tent further away from him.  No one likes to be messed with at night.

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