Fact And Fiction

Had to use one guyline here, on account of the high wind. Still a pretty good site!


A simpler weapon, from a more savage age.

Handy map on a napkin box.

A great spot for an all-day hack-a-thon!

You know your cafe is in a beautiful place when you can look at the photographs adorning the walls and find the cafe itself at the base of the mountain.

I get the impression that most of this is leftover material from back when the viking movie set was constructed.

Seawater does terrible things to metal.

Pretty majestic spot for a settlement. Well chosen, location scout!


Hard to tell how accurate any of this is. What would a building of this shape be for?

I wonder how many raiders were spotted from these gates? (Answer: Zero.)
I can imagine an actor being crammed in there with the bars shut, screaming about an imminent invasion. "Wait 'till my brother Hrölf finds out I'm here!"
The main longhouse building of the set.
I can imagine a small herd of animals crammed in here.
I wonder if this semi-enclosed side hallway is part of the traditional layout?
Set designers and engineers must have been crawling through these windows constantly.
At this point, not a pleasant place for a bed and nightstand.
Absurdly shallow stairs must have made daily life here a bit treacherous.

Yep, there's a house in there.

It would take some serious cleanup to make this building livable again.

I wonder what they were using this giant curtain to conceal?

Interesting carvings!

Maxin' and relaxin' in mah viking camp.

Three superimposed 30 second shots from the iPhone. Not bad considering it was quite dark out.

Wall of the viking settlement movie set, with just a hint of Aurora Borealis in the sky.

More of the viking movie set wall.

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