Onward To The Settlement

The post office: My touring salvation.

Finally the tire arrives!

A bunch of patches on the inside managed to slow the disintegration, but not stop it.

Taking this tire along for a while just in case the replacement is bad.

Oh boy, no more lumpy rolling!

My one slap-bracelet has seen better days.

Chomp chomp says the pony!

Sunset goats!
Goats on the move.
Gotta eat lots of grass to get hair that shiny.
Where there's a wool, there a way. What, you don't like my wordplay? Is it baa-a-a-a-aa-aad??
Bonus moo!
Psst, Mom... There's one of those paparazzi after us again.
In a few months it'll be time to go into the barn for the cold, cold winter.
Oh hay! It's a pleasant evening for horses.

Oh boy, a tunnel!

Viking cafe? That sounds like my kind of thing.

Sunset over Höfn.

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