Sole Witness To An Accident

When you gotta dry your pants...

Across the bay from the viking settlement -- a radar station!

The road back to the road.
That's a whole lotta erosion!
There's a very similar formation on the inside of Crater Lake over in Oregon.
I'm glad I wasn't here when this rolled down the mountain.

Hmm something odd about this landscape but I can't quite figure it out...

Strange coastline near Höfn

Pretty shpooky!

Lighthouse near Höfn in the morning.

The closer I get, the more majestic it becomes!

An Icelandic mining operation.

Do I look ready for my first tunnel of this tour?

I'm definitely an old nerd, because when I see this sign, I think of a video game console.

This one is nice and modern.

Okay well there's a little wear and tear, but still pretty modern lookin'.

Enjoying tunnel!

Out of the tunnel, into the fresh air again.

I think this sign is saying something about city versus country speed limits, but it's way too complicated.

Tired of traveling? Take a rest, in the big red random chair.

Them's some sharp mountains.
The view looking back to the tunnel entrance.
A mountain with its own personal cloud hat!
These bridges are always a thrill to cross.
Sunset colors building over a field.
Imagine the cup of cocoa you could make with marshmallows this size!
I always enjoy these tangled sunset cloudscapes.

Hay wrapped up for later chomping. Gotta have that when the weather gets as bad as it does in Iceland.

The car, where it landed.

The first impact dug up a big chunk of turf and flung it to one side.

The rear wheels came down in the same place just after the front ones bounced up.

Pretty cute spot!

Another fine camping spot.

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