Icelandic nerds

When I exited the tent in the late morning, there was no one around. Was this going to be the new pattern?

Daytime at the campground. Still the only person here.

I wasn’t in a hurry, so I set the phone on a little tripod and made a video of myself taking down the tent.

After that I still wasn’t in a hurry, so I went to the one local coffee shop and got myself a mocha, and sorted more photos on the laptop.

This drink has been claimed for Iceland!

I had so much trouble finding these when I was making chandeliers in Skyrim...

For a while I was the only person in the shop, and then a crowd of college-aged people came in. They carried books and papers, which they spread all over the largest table in the room before sitting down around it and talking excitedly in Icelandic. A stout man aged about 22 with a pile of curly blond hair sat at the head of the table and answered questions. He seemed to be in charge.

At first I assumed they were studying for some class, and turned my attention back to my laptop. Then I overheard the following conversation between the stout man, the woman on his right, the man on his left, and the barista who had come over to chat:

Sleep storm bbbbbbbbbbb tiny hut?  A ten foot mobile dome of force bbbbbbbb remains stationary.
bbbbbbbbbbbb stupid-ass name dddddddddddddd.
bbbbbb Speaker for the Dead!
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb yeah I know that word.
bbbbbbbbbbbb sample bbbbbbbbbbbb I said bbbbbbbbbbb.  Bbbbbbbbbbb fucking celestial!
So how does that work?
bbbbbbbbb god dammit bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb Dungeons And Dragons ddddddddddd necromancer dddddddddddd zero HP bbbbbbbbbb no but they don’t count as spells bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb fuck you to the gods bbbbbbbbbb fuck you to the DM ha ha ha ha haaa!!!
Do you want anything with your waffle?
Just jam.
No chocolate or cream?
No; I’m lactose intolerant.
Other guy
Cover it in chocolate and give it to him!
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb and I will kick your ass, and use you as a toilet!
Other guy
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!
bbbbbbbbbbb Danse Macabre takes the fucking cake.
bbbbbbbbbbbbbb because bbbbbbbbbbbbbbb human corpse I can just eat it because it’s not cannibalism!
bbbbbbbbb go for fireball!  It’s fuckin’ great.  It’s a level 10 spell.
Okay, what level?

I grinned. This was making me feel right at home. I hung around for another half hour, enjoying the silly banter of the gaming crew, and then realized it was time to continue my journey before I got too lazy and just crept back to the campsite.

A chunk of the hills behind Ólafsfjörður.

I rode through the center of that yesterday!

One more tunnel to pass through: The Múlagöng. Another older single-lane model; the twin of the one I’d passed through three nights ago.

Another tunnel entrance, this one with two lanes.

I'm not sure exactly where this 66,000 Volt line is, but the water all over the walls does not inspire confidence.

Good to know which exit is closer, if you're walking.

I tried again to take a video of my passage through, and this time I held it a bit steadier. Here’s a 2x sped up version:

On the other side of the tunnel was a pleasant stretch of coastline. No nasty wind or rain, no biting cold. Just sunlight and a few fluffy clouds. It looked like Iceland was back to treating me like a regular tourist, instead of a human punching bag. Hooray!

I did the usual stopping and snacking. As I made my way down to Dalvik, my next rest stop, I checked out a few waterfalls by the side of the road.

The moss growing around them was fascinating:

It's a whole different world down here.

However high it grows, surface tension in water keeps the moss wet, like wax moving up a candle wick.

Oxygen slowly accumulating from underwater photosynthesis.

A little farther along I saw this marker:

Monument to Eyvindur Jónsson, allegedly the first Icelandic boatbuilder to build a decked ocean–going ship 350 years ago.

And a few interesting things in town too:

Down by the Dalvík docks.

"The Great Fish Day in 2005 honored all those who made a resort from Böggvisstaðasand and laid down with their diligence and daring groundwork based on Dalvík."

I found a restaurant specializing in fish, and ordered a giant chunk of it. Super delicious, as usual. Then I rode over to the local campground and found a place to set up. As I curled up in my sleeping bag again, I reflected that the day had been the perfect combination of relaxing and exercise to move me closer full-on touring mode. Tomorrow would be a big push down to Akureyri.

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  1. Darren McWilliams says:

    ITS da dane I’m snacking right now, not on dehydrated fish tho!

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