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Amazing Coast All Day

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Aha! I think I found the Icelandic version of Pride Rock!

That's a lot o' geese!
Shallow tidewater, good for straining some nutrition out with your beak.
I don't think I've ever seen so many geese in one spot before.
Just another amazing scene on the Iceland coast.
Lovely calm waters for a goose convention.

This bay is protected by a long thin arm of land that smooths the waves on the ocean.

Geese on the water near the Hvalnes Nature Reserve Beach.
Am I enjoying this day? Yes; yes I am!
Geese on the Icelandic coast.
Honk honk honk honk honk!
A long, narrow stripe of beach, with the sea beyond.
Geese enjoying the fair Iceland weather.
Time for a nap!
This is the same stuff that's in the pillow packed into a compression sack on my bike!

So fluffy!

Got a piece of cardboard? Maybe you can slide down!

A cool panorama along a bend in the coastal road.

Lighthouse or giant carrot?
Clouds chopping the top off the nearby peaks.
Quite astonishingly windy on this particular chunk of road.
Up along the coast road we go!
Ready to hit the beach?
Lots of travelers want you to know they've been here before you.
Lots of pedaling, running out of food, and having an excellent day.
A nice view of the next hour of riding.
Random rainbow!
Such nifty contours on these hills...

Grateful for the sudden sunlight.

A column breaking through the clouds.

Awww, don't run over the dude! He's just walkin' here!

It's a teeny waterfall! I approve.
Hey, yo, check out dis heah waterfall!
Often I find myself wondering how long ago any given rock wall was built on this island. 50 years? 300?
Pedal on the way down, pedal on the way up. Then catch breath and do it again!
That's way too tilted to be a house foundation. Some kind of waterside animal pen?
Cairn you see what's in the photo?
Tired, but determined.
The fog appears to be clawing its way over the peaks.
Roadside columns.
Leaning layers in the landscape.
Apparently there's an old religious dude buried right around here.
That looks like enough rocks to hold down a deacon!
Qutie an impressive stack built up over the years.
I am amused by the way this burial site has been turned into a picnic spot.

Whole lotta symbols in the next town. Not sure what a bunch of them mean...

If you don't dry your frillies on the radiatior, some other camper will come by and do the same.

A Guy With Some Rocks

Pretty dang cute. I am amused!

Cute curtains in the barrel house.

Little tiny two-room barrel house! YEAH!!

Another great day for riding!

A nice day on the bay.

Small monument to Hans Jonatan, former Danish slave and the first known person of African descent to settle in Iceland.

What a cute looking calculator!

Don't those buttons look so jolly and candy-like?

Outside the Steinasafn (Stone Museum) in Djúpivogur.

The fellow who built the Steinasafn.

The Misty Mountains

One more bathroom stop before the road...

Local lore on display.

Nice spot to run a local government from.

It's pretty cool seeing all these little kid toy sections in restaurants.

YESSS!! Greens!

Shout-out to Glen, giving his trailer a trial-run on this Iceland tour!

The back of the bike: Table, coat rack, extra hand, clothesline, and occasionally even a work desk.

This could be a clear day or a cloudy day, depending on your perspective.

This side of the rock was constantly getting wet from streams of water and then quickly drying out from the wind, over and over.

Having a good time in the rain!

Hills hiding behind hills.

Just how much mist is an excessive amount? Iceland has no such limit!

You could climb to the top, but I don't know where you'd stand when you got there!
Another world, above and below the clouds.
Gorgeous sandwich layers along every fjord.
I cairn do this all day.
And all this geography, right by the side of the road...
Ride on in, the mist is fine!
Farming the sea.
Watch out for them trucks!
That rock's in the way! Blast it!

A ribbon of road, making this travel possible.

Fjardabyggd:. More than just that thing you shout when you stub your toe: It's also a town!

The aurora, vaulting up behind the clouds. I did not expect to see them this time of year.

Is something wrong with my lens? Nope. It's the northern lights.

Look at all that exploded luggage!

Resting A Bit

A fine sunny day for some light riding.

I appreciate the intention here, but this map is actually really confusing.

I adore any store that sells a carrot cake with four layers.

Once again I'm the only diner in the restaurant. The tourist season ends really abruptly here...

Soda, Sweaters, and the Sea

Sparkling water.

A neat kiosk about the Kambanes peninsula.

Building a road is often something that happens in long intervals.

Now that's a fancy lighthouse!
Bringing a massive amount of cargo in to one of Iceland's few massive ports.
On clear days like this the lighthouse seems unnecessary. Unfortunately, clear days like this are rare.
Can you tell I just peed by the side of the road?
That's a cute little harbor!

A view all the way up the valley to the start of the river, where the glacier originally came down and carved it.

I'm not enitrely sure how to interpret the drawing on this sign.

I heard about this place on Atlas Obscura. Sadly, it was closed when I came by.

So much wool to choose from!

Two fine selections.

They serve snacks and have wifi. Time to linger.

The bathrooms were closed at this tiny campground, so the manager of the local store said I could stay for free. Very Iceland.

What does it all mean? You decide!

I dig this guy.

Back home this isn't a drink, it's an ingredient.

I don't know what this island is called. Can't find a name for it on any map.

See all those dots? Every one of them is a bird nest.

Another fishing operation, with Fáskrúðsfjörður in the distance.
Looking back down the coast, into the ominous late afternoon shadows!
A quiet, shady highway.
Today's destination: Fáskrúðsfjörður.

Coming in late after a fishing operation.

Still just a little bit of light over the mountains, due to the time of year.

Definitely spacious compared to the other places I've stayed!

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