The Misty Mountains

One more bathroom stop before the road...

Local lore on display.

Nice spot to run a local government from.

It's pretty cool seeing all these little kid toy sections in restaurants.

YESSS!! Greens!

Shout-out to Glen, giving his trailer a trial-run on this Iceland tour!

The back of the bike: Table, coat rack, extra hand, clothesline, and occasionally even a work desk.

This could be a clear day or a cloudy day, depending on your perspective.

This side of the rock was constantly getting wet from streams of water and then quickly drying out from the wind, over and over.

Having a good time in the rain!

Hills hiding behind hills.

Just how much mist is an excessive amount? Iceland has no such limit!

You could climb to the top, but I don't know where you'd stand when you got there!
Another world, above and below the clouds.
Gorgeous sandwich layers along every fjord.
I cairn do this all day.
And all this geography, right by the side of the road...
Ride on in, the mist is fine!
Farming the sea.
Watch out for them trucks!
That rock's in the way! Blast it!

A ribbon of road, making this travel possible.

Fjardabyggd:. More than just that thing you shout when you stub your toe: It's also a town!

The aurora, vaulting up behind the clouds. I did not expect to see them this time of year.

Is something wrong with my lens? Nope. It's the northern lights.

Look at all that exploded luggage!

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