Second Iceland Departure

It's always sunny at the hostel! (Note: Actual sun may vary.)

In Iceland, we park bikes wherever. Sometimes we even put locks on them.
Here's where you check in and get that all-important WIFI password.
Still got that vague hospital vibe.
Small but cozy!

It's the cat from 2019! Hooray!

I didn't manage to spot any of these creatures while I was in Iceland.

How many fairies can dance on the top of a vine?

Another of those cool names-as-streets maps.

I remember this path from my last visit!

Lots of tourists on lots of different vechicles have passed this way!

I like this guy. He's got a cool dog and his shirt roughly translates to "Less talk, more forest."

Ultima 9 used to take a 300-watt tower PC to run. Now I can play it on a laptop in an emulator and it looks just as good. That's wild.

I really hoped that this truck would have a man in underwear on the other side. Nope!
Sounds delicious!
Last order of business: Repair these poor headphones.
Checking in for the boarding line!
Everyone here was excited to get going. Some of them kept their engines idling uselessly the whole time, just in case.
All lined up to board the ferry.
Caution: Children crossing, and cats flying over mountains.
Some great hiking around here.
A last, lingering view of these fine Icelandic hills.

On we go!

Still quite the conga line of cars waiting to park.

Tethering up the bike in the standard area.

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