Over the last pass

There's that big basket from last time!

Dang, I don't have chains!

The road won't turn you to stone, but the wind will certainly scare you.

Quite a view up here.

Who's smug that he made it all the way up here in this insane wind? This guy!

The art installation has lost a bunch of portable TVs.

Finally reached the plateau.

That looks like a good spot for a nap!
Water goes on top of and inside this mossy carpet.
Beware the gooseprints: They indicate goose poops nearby.
Quite a cool spot for napping.

It's like a big green mattress!

Aaaah, time for a nap.

So many colors in these clouds.
Snow under late summer clouds.
Dramatic lighting up here!
Mesmerizing sunset colors.

The high elevation brings the clouds closer.

Narrow band of horizon.

Good ol' Valoria, always ready to stop for a photo -- and hold my snack while I'm taking it.

A night-time approach photo to match the one from two years ago.

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