Limping to civilization

Tasty somewhat traditional breakfast at the museum.

Reindeer were imported into Iceland as an experiment over 200 years ago.

Go bikers go!

More cyclists! Go go go!

Clouds cutting the top off the ridges.
Little ridge, big ridge.
I absolutely 100% guarantee this telephone pole arrived on a ship.
Very few cars today; just the way I like it.
It's a monument to ... Something. I didn't read the kiosk.

Okay, so... Egg in a cup... How is that different from all the other food icons?

A long pipe, fetching water from the lake over the ridge.
Sheep in a heap!
Some giant indoor facility here. Probably for sporting events.
Glacier in the mist.
My destination town in the distance.

Was that sign added by a Russian speaker?

A cool causeway! Luckily cars were sparse, because the road was quite narrow.
An inspiring view to pedal towards.
Roiling cloud piling up around a hill.
I'm pretty sure this sign is announcing police cameras.
A cement house seems like a great idea right up until a massive crack appears in one wall and you start wondering if you'll wake up one morning under a pile of rubble...
A neat sculpture on the coast.

The panorama to the north.

Brought the bike in for the night. Cozy!

My little LED candle really is awesome.

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