Preconception of Iceland

Iceland is a big ice-covered chunk of rock way up north, populated by a dangerously inbred collection of white people, all crammed into one large city, close to some killer geothermal pools that are probably very relaxing to sit in.

Having nothing left to exploit on their rock in terms of natural resources and not much of a tourism draw, but consistently bearing the “right” skin color, hair color, and height for social navigation, they have naturally turned to banking and finance as the means to stay at first-world levels of comfort. From a sideways perspective this isn’t too far from the plundering behavior of their ancestors, just white collar instead of blue collar.

Nobody does any crime because Iceland is too cold, but people struggle with depression a lot.  This ironically makes Icelanders a very interesting and engaging people to talk to.  This is also probably why they spawned Bjork.  Occasionally their snow-covered rock explodes a little, dumping hot ash into the air and blocking the sun, and there is some fatalistic worry over this but eventually everyone goes back to ignoring it.

Icelanders probably throw really cool parties.  And hey, don’t hate them because they’re beautiful and smart.  Do business with them instead.  You’ll live longer.

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