Day 8 – Hibernating in Hutchinson

Today I caught up on most of my correspondence and hackery, rested more, and did laundry.

Aaaaaaaahh, clean laundry! Don't ya just wanna climb in?

Aaaah, nice clean laundry, warm from the dryer! Don’t you just want to crawl in?

My next order of business was to procure some delicious snax. That’s when I came across a product that elegantly summarizes the food situation here in Hutchinson:

I swear to you, this actually exists. It's a big plastic bag containing a pickle in brine. I'd put every single word in that previous sentence in quotation marks, but … what's the point. >:)

I swear to you, I did not photoshop this. It actually exists, and it costs one dollar. Your eyes do not deceive you; it is a big plastic bag containing one large pickle in “brine”.

Yes, “brine” in quotes. I’d put every single word of that sentence in quotation marks, but … you get the idea.

Tomorrow I make a break for it, to the town of Netwon.

5 Responses to Day 8 – Hibernating in Hutchinson

  1. michaeldoss says:

    You’ve never seen an individually wrapped dill pickle? They have them here, too. How else would you sell one pickle? =D

    • TheCuriousCyclist says:

      I am flummoxed and flabbergasted! You mean these things have infiltrated California?
      I am now picturing them all exploding from their briny bags at once and marching into Sacramento to make demands…

      • Erika says:

        I’ve seen them all over the US. They’re pretty much a convenience store staple, along with fruit pies and pork rinds.

      • Cam (Rudetuesday) says:

        Did you have a choice of “Regular” or “Hot”? They weren’t individually-wrapped when I was a kid, but you could buy ’em from the corner store. All you had to do was slide your quarter across the counter, ask for a regular or hot pickle, and the cashier would fish around in the particular flavor’s giant jar and stow one in a wax paper bag. Some kids bought a peppermint stick and stabbed it into the pickle for something extra.

        • TheCuriousCyclist says:

          Oh – well – a pickle from a jar, especially a big jar on the counter, now that I can relate to. I find nothing wrong with that at all. It’s charming, in an old-timey grocery-store kind of way … but these individually plastic-wrapped ones just gave me the willies.

          Now that you mention it, I think there was a choice between “regular” and “hot” … Each came from a separate box, side by side on the shelf.

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