Crater Lake To Stanley, Day 3 : Amusement

On my way back towards the Organic Market and Campground in Fort Klamath, I pass through the floor of the valley again, with its huge squares of flat ranch land. This time I zig instead of zagging, so I can see some different stuff along the way. Ahead of me almost half a mile, I see a large truck lumbering down the road.

About a quarter mile distant, the truck stops, and a rancher gets out. He walks across the road and begins to open a gate, except I can see he’s doing it awkwardly because he’s got one hand pressed to his head. He’s talking on a cellphone.

By the time I roll past, he’s got the gate open and has turned around. To my great amusement, I observe that his phone is a second-generation black iPhone, same as mine. I wonder what apps he’s got on it.

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