Crater Lake To Stanley, Day 2 : Amusement

I’m in a campsite at the Rocky Point Resort. I’ve left my laptop charging on the seat of the bike, while the bike is chained to the RV electricity post, concealed under a thin tarp. I observe that my downloads have finished, and consider taking the laptop into my tent so I can reconfigure the playlists on my iPhone. “Hmm, I don’t know,” I think. “That would mean taking it off mains power, and draining the battery. I should conserve battery power for when I’m on my trip.”

“Oh wait. I’m on my trip right now. … I forgot.” Now that’s what I call a brainfart.

I take the laptop into my tent and begin moving tracks around. Outside I hear a mother walking by with her daughter. “Look at that tent, Mom!”

“Yeah. I bet it stays cool!” says the Mom.

“It has a neat design,” says the daughter.

“Uh huh. Must be European.”

I was unaware that good design implied European origin. Perhaps so for camping gear?

I’m out in the middle of a marsh, seated in a Kayak, chewing on some snackies. I photograph the occasion, then get out my phone, which has several bars of signal even out here, and send some texts to The La:

“I see 1000 dwagginflies!”

“Also: There’s 10000000 lily pads!”

“Eeeeee! A ladybug landed on me!”

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