First post!

Let there be light! Kablaaam!


Welcome to Mile42, a ridiculous personal blog I’ve cobbled together with hacksaws and bandages, and bits of fluff, and those little iron nails that cobblers always use for cobbling things.

I’m a pretty technical guy, but getting everything to work was still much harder than I expected. This is what setting up a blog is like:

  1. Order a printing press in the mail. Set it up in your front yard.
  2. Go to a farmyard and steal a tractor. Drive it home, then rip all the controls off. Weld them onto the printing press.
  3. Borrow a moving van. Wait until nightfall, then detach all the mailboxes from the houses on your street. Throw them in the van.
  4. Rent a flatbed trailer and a winch. Haul the printing press up onto the trailer and attach it to the moving van.
  5. Acquire a used houseboat. Knock down some of the rooms, then drive the van onto the boat.
  6. If the whole thing doesn’t sink, cast off and float around.
  7. Fire up the printing press and stamp out 50,000 copies of the first thing that pops into your head.
  8. Cram 1000 copies into each mailbox.
  9. Drive the van off the houseboat, into the water.
  10. Congratulations, you have just blogged.

That’s what it’s like. Except it’s even more complicated, time-consuming, and ridiculous. … And of course, that hasn’t stopped me. So here is where I shall document the riding my bicycle between various things.

I’ll be posting here using an iPhone or a laptop, whatever’s appropriate, depending mostly on whether I’m pedaling the bike, or stopped somewhere, poking something with a stick.

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