Big waterfall, big meal

He'll go a lot farther than I will today.

I can't believe I forgot to ask him his name.

Hanging in the hostel common area.

Hanging in the hostel common area.

Funky rocks revealed in the channel cut by the river.

An interestingly layered chunk of rock. Obsidian subject to repeated coatings of blowing dust as it cooled?

A decent-size river.
It's a long way down...
Looks slippery!
Tiny drops coating everything, day and night, for months.
I wonder how much faster the signposts degrade in this constant rain.
A constant light rain.
So many drops!
So much moss!!
Delicious mist from the Huldufoss.
The ravine made a perfect channel for bringing the mist up to spectator height.
A lot of churning going on!
The noise was channeled upward just like the mist. Very intense.
I wonder how often this very rainbow appears. Probably for hours every day...
It's the Bilröst!
Pleased to be seeing a rainbow!

Lazy sheep taking in the view.

The closer to the horizon you look, the colder the terrain!

Follow that cloud! But first, have lunch before going up that dang hill.
Lots of deep blue sky here.
The jets often cross the sky at odd angles here.
This area has a dryer feel to it than the others. Even the highlands felt relatively damp.
Will those sheep never learn?
Descending into a strange flatland. Looks like a layer cake.
YACICS: Yet Another Cute Icelandic Church Syndrome. It starts hitting you after the third week.
That farm has quite a lot of toilet paper! Good for pandemic times!

More of those nifty lava columns.

Go bikers go! Also: Dang, pedaling that load, in sandals? I bet those are e-bikes.

Go go go! Whoooo!

Fine place for a walk around ... then a picnic ... then a nap!

It's the cover of that unreleased prog rock album that Pink Floyd would have made before Roger Waters got too spazzy

Spending a day driving the giant hay-munching beetle.

I love watching the beetle poop out rolls of hay.

Lots of hardware on this truck.

Lots of farming happening quickly here in the high summer.
The last hill of the day! Whew!! Well, no actually there was one more.
A long straight ride against the wind to close out the day.

28 kilometers that way on the 1, and I can stop for the night.

Yes, I bought three meals. And ate them.

Finally at the campground!!

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