Assembly Day

After catching up on sleep, checking in with work, and dealing with correspondence, it was time for the traditional (by now) all-day bicycle assembly, where I very carefully turn a box and several bags of parts into a packed touring bicycle.

The traditional all-day bike assembly.

It was still light out when I rolled the complete bike outside. Well… Of course.

Do I look pleased? Well I am!

For my first outing I left the big bags and camping gear in the hotel. It was time to scoot around town and see the sights, and see how much I remembered.

Valoria is back together and ready to look around!

There was that familiar, scintillating line of the ocean in the distance…

The ocean beckons us to our doom.

There’s that giant sword, like a radio beacon for tourists…

Whosoever pulls this sword out of the stone shall be -- way too damn tall, even for an Icelander.

There’s the hilarious Icelandic graffiti. Perhaps a few new scribbles since last time…

Icelandic graffiti wants to be edgy, but it's just cute.

But hang on. There’s something new this time…

What's that in the distance?

Okay, that giant orange light definitely wasn’t there two years ago.

Apparently a mountain is exploding nearby.

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