Vroom vroom, big lake! Hahahahahaaa!

Up and on the road relatively late, after lingering in the hotel to eat a good breakfast. It was an eventful meal. While I was eating at a small table in the corner of the restaurant, a gigantic crowd of Chinese tourists poured in, bookended by two tour guides. They pushed a bunch of tables together and half a dozen waiters came in to take orders, then the tour leaders got into a loud argument in Chinese with each other while looking at the menus. It sounded really vicious, as though they were an old married couple fighting over money.

I was glad to be out of there and back to the peace and quiet of the road.

I am not kidding about Icelanders and their affection for line-drying things.

Want warm towels? Pipe hot water straight through the towel rack.

Just around the corner I encountered a friendly dog and a little mom-and-pop ice cream store. I was still full but — home made ice cream? Un-pass-up-able.

Ice cream while pedaling! Life is good.

Kept here temporarily while I load up my other gear.

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