Enjoying the Coast

I wonder how they fit into that house?

"The Scream", re-imagined as a rock painted like a house.

Majestic, even without snow on them.

The sheep basically go where they want.
Wonderful place for a picnic!

Shot with the Canon Mk4...

... Shot with an iPhone XS.


Chomp chomp chomp...

A long-abandoned naval base.

I doubt that mural was there when the base was operational.

After another 5 hours of bicycling around the bay, this is where I will camp.

This is how I look to about 100 sheep and 50 geese each day.

Gotta keep up on current events!

Have bike, will travel. Slowly.

Paradise by the side of the road...

Meanwhile, by the side of the road in Iceland...

Can't sit here for more than five minutes without wanting to take a nap.

Everything is exploding with growth during this summer season.

All this color strongly reminds me of Alaska.

I wonder who lives here?

The wind in this section was terrifying. Random gusts that would threaten to knock me over.
Dead quiet, except for a breeze from the hills and the birdcalls from the shoreline.
I have no idea what that cairn is for.
A tough cycling day, between the hills and the wind. 15 miles in 4.5 hours. But I did take a bunch of breaks too...
What're EWE lookin' at?

Roadside sheep butt surprise.

Goat and kid, resting out of the wind.

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