Back On The Road

Looks like fun for a few hours, except I feel like I've been riding a horse for weeks already!

I'm wondering what the spare horses are for... Just in case?

"I am not Kermit the GRÖF. I am not Kermit the FÖRG. I am a frog! Kermit The Frog!!"

"You better stay home; and do as you're told... Get out of the road; if you wanna grow old..." -Pink Floyd

A nifty waterfall visible ahead

The majestic blue-tasseled sheep of the far north!

Would be prettier if the sheep weren't showing me their butts, but I'll take it.

This is the one photo of the last 5 years where I've regretted having the 4.0 70-200 instead of the 2.8 70-200. Not a bad track record at all considering the weight difference.

Detail of the previous photo. Same to you, sheep!!

This is honestly the weirdest terrain I've seen, second perhaps to the spongy ground in Alaska.

Spot the critter! Hint: It's wearing a blue earring.

Alex: "This is what happens when smurfs die in the wild!"

Spring has sprung; the grass has riz.

This yonic formation looked inviting but I decided to skip it after looking up a few pictures on my phone.

See those parallel tracks? Thank some foreign doofus for that, 5+ years ago...

Do I see some glacier action up there? Yes I do!

Like, wow! It's all Iceland 'n' stuff!

A restaurant under a layer of turf? You bet!

I do enjoy being able to keep the bike out of the rain.

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