Valoria II: Fenders

I’ve found that a front fender on a recumbent is essential, but a rear fender is not. There are two details that make this true for me that might not apply to other people though:

  1. I have a frame bag on the back of my seat that blocks water and dirt from flying through the seat and wetting my back.
  2. I use waterproof panniers and cover the top of the rack with a waterproof bag.

This arrangement more-or-less does what a fender would do anyway.

The fender set that comes with the Giro-20 is fine, but I only need the front fender. Is there a way to leave the back one out?
They only sell the fenders as a front and rear set for $45. If you just want a front fender, Planet Bike offers a similar front fender that is sold individually for about half that price. Also you can get a German SKS front fender from HP Velotechnik for $18.
The SKS looks exactly like the one on my Giro!
There’s a reason for that: The fenders Bacchetta offers are Taiwanese copies of the SKS fenders.
Cool, I’ll go with the SKS front fender.

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