Thunder during a storm on the road in Indiana. Boy do I wish I had a better microphone.

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  1. Jo Ann Dorothy says:

    Garret (not sure I remembered how to spell your name) —

    It is 3:35 in the morning and I am caught up in the journalling about your your trip. I am with the way you write about your adventures, your pictures and your sense of humror. Your colorful writing kept me reading this far. I hope you write a book some day if you haven’t already. I am working on a couple of books myself, fifteen years now. Neither is finished. Hopefully I will have finished them by the time I have great grandchildren. Maybe I should say great-great grandchildren. My oldest grandchld is 22. But none of the 14 is married, pregnant or expecting yet. I just sobered myself thinking how fast that could happen.

    My book titles are BREAKING AGE BARRIERS, Finding the Fountain of Youth and THE MIND OF GOD As Revealed in Numbers and Zeros. I set the first one aside, ten chapters, intro, about author (semi-retired chiropractor), etc. and got caught up in the second. Einstein wanted to “think like God” and was looking for an equation to show the unification of everything. I came up with one, and came up with concepts of cosmology, why we are here and the Mind behind it all, the creative Energy that set everything in motion.

    I am enchanted with how your mind thinks and expresses itself. Thanks for taking time to write about your trip. — Jo Ann Dorothy, no website yet.

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