Day 22 – Lazing about in McLean

Today I stayed in the motel room, writing and doing laundry. The dryer in the front hall only tumbled my clothes, and did not actually dry them, so I hung the clothing from hooks and poles all over the room and cranked the heat. I was totally in my MAN CAVE! My only adventure outside was to the restaurant across the street, where I acted antisocial by propping up the iPad and watching old episodes of The Daily Show as I devoured two meals’ worth of food.

It was good to catch up on my writing, and my legs really needed the rest. They were sucking up every ounce of protein I could stuff into myself. Even with prodigious snacking I was running a slow calorie deficit. I noticed that my reflection in the bathroom mirror had less body fat on it than three weeks ago.

2 Responses to Day 22 – Lazing about in McLean

  1. Erika says:

    It’s good to get a day off! You probably really needed the rest and the food. The image you typing away in a darkened room festooned with dank clothing is pretty funny. I bet it SMELLED like Man Cave, too. ;)

    • TheCuriousCyclist says:

      Oh man, it definitely did. I had to turn on the vent in the morning lest I freak out the cleaning staff. >:)

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