Day 19 – Quiet in Quincy

The laundromat was three miles across town, and rain was belting down out of the sky, so I did my laundry by flinging it into the shower and stomping on it, then rinsing it off and hanging it near the wall heater. I had to blast the room with heat for most of the day, but the clothes did dry. Meanwhile I sat around with my shirt off and enjoyed the tropical vacation.

Almost all my waking hours were consumed in writing, and organizing photos. I also chatted with Andy and Erika, and ate a meal at the diner just down the street. In the evening I took a break from my break from my break, and strolled over to the local movie theatre to catch “Harold and Kumar’s Very 3D Christmas”. It was still raining so I wore my raincoat:

Ready for a walk around town!

When I returned from the movie (it was hilarious) I did more journal crud. By the time I rolled into bed I was exhausted, just from sitting around and typing. But my legs felt better. Ready for more cycling!

2 Responses to Day 19 – Quiet in Quincy

  1. Erika says:

    Ah, improvised laundry. That was one of the lowlights of traveling in South America by bus group. Nothing ever really gets clean when it’s washed with hand soap in the tub. Especially after it’s been sweated in repeatedly.

    An arresting photo of you. Looking fit and handsome, and a little older and sadder but also calmer around the eyes. It’s not a bad look for you.

    Much love, sweets.

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