Feeding My Face

With feeding myself on this trip, I’ve been trying to balance in three areas:

  1. What my body seems to be asking for
  2. What I “think” is healthful
  3. Foods that are fun (It’s vacation after all!)

The most surprising discovery I’ve made so far is that my body is not asking for complex carbohydrates. It seems to want sugar, protein, and fresh pulpy vegetables (no starch). The second most surprising thing is, this rejection of starch is most evident as a rejection of wheat products. I think I may actually have a mild allergy to wheat. Perhaps it developed over the last year, or perhaps it has been with me perpetually.

Two more interesting things: On a bike, it’s impossible to put a soda away and finish it later, so twice now I’ve ended up drinking the whole thing without really wanting to. The third time I got (literally!) fed up and just poured it out in the ditch. Even so, I have not experienced anything close to a sugar crash. My body just eats it right up. Also, I have been drinking an enormous amount of water. It just vanishes into me. On the road, I consume somewhere between three and four LITERS a day.

My GPS tracking software takes my weight, the weight of my bike, and the speed and altitude from my GPS unit, and uses it to compute the number of calories I burn during each ride. I find the number suspicious. In the past, the number has seemed impossibly high or absurdly low. For this trip, I have deliberately lowballed the weight of the bike, in order to skew the calculations down into the realm of sanity. The software thinks my bike is 22 pounds. The actual bike and collected gear weighs more than 70 pounds.

Regardless, the software is coming up with insane-sounding numbers. Biking 70 miles in a day allegedly burns 4000+ calories. Add that to my normal calorie requirements and – again, allegedly – I need to consume 6000+ calories a day just to break even.

I think of all that food sloshing around in me, turning into more me, and I marvel at how it happens. Bodies are weird. Mine is going, “vroom, vroom!!”

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