Next weekend in San Francisco…

This week I took the recumbent instead of the folding bike. Much more awkward on BART, but a hell of a lot more comfortable in the city.

Here’s what I saw:

Today I rode the recumbent instead of the folding bike. Getting it on Bart was a hassle, but I covered the whole wharf district in about half the time and in twice the comfort.
This dude is a local rock balancer. He stacked these rocks up in about half an hour, while I ate my lunch.
Kids pretending to be aeroplanes on the pier.
First stop: The farmer's market! I had to pay a buck twenty for a single orange, but what the hell, it was tasty. Besides oranges I got romaine, a cucumber, some carrots, some samosas, and a nice juicy plum which I ate right there on the sidewalk.
'Twas a nice day out.
The Golden Gate from an interesting angle. I had to hoof it waaay up a hill for this shot!
I wonder how much red paint they apply to this structure each year...

Looking up at one of the massive columns.

On the tiny pier south of Sausalito.
On the ferry boat from Sausalito back to San Francisco. You wheel your bike down a ramp to the lower deck, then purchase an eight dollar ticket during the ride itself. Lots of tourists on this boat.
I enjoy those evil looking accident icons.
Alcatraz Island. Dig those crumbly structures, yo.
Back at the big city. What a nice summer day!
Street musicians have to use whatever gear they can find. The cymbal on this stand may be busted for conventional use, but it still makes a neat sound.
This is John F King II and his drum setup. Nice fellow. He let me play along with him for a little while.
The light between the large buildings always captivates me.

Lookit all the columns, wheeeeeee!

More of that endless layering I enjoy so much.
The bus is all squished up! Heeheee!
This wall painting got a laugh.
There's somethiing about decaying victorian woodwork that brings back childhood memories in me. Must be my summer visits to Berkeley.
Yup. That's a pretty steeeeeep hill.
Colorful houses. It's like a big bowl of marshmallow cereal!
Odd light at a random intersection.

Lovely setting sun light on some flowers.

This is me, with way too much beard. I'll shave it some day, but right now I'm playing the role of a hermit.

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