Crater Lake To Stanley, Day 12 : Discomfort

Between Fruitland and Emmett I ride past three very large billboards, bleached by the sunlight and dusty from the fields. Each one shows a scary “public service” warning about methamphetamine. The most graphic one says “You won’t need to worry about getting lipstick on your teeth any more”, with a photo of a girl’s mouth, overflowing with destroyed teeth.

I roll down into the town of Emmett and find a motel without trouble. Eighteen rooms, and three are in use. I get #14, which would be #13 except that they skipped #13 in the layout.

The people here on the road look a lot dirtier and more beat up than in Oregon. The Oregon enthusiasm and politeness is starting to wear off too. Most people pass without waving, or stare impolitely. I keep seeing cars driven by distraught looking young kids. I pity them.

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