Crater Lake To Stanley, Day 1 : Curiosity

I’m on my way down from Crater Lake, and have stopped at one of the scenic turnouts to adjust my luggage. Afterwards I stretch my legs a bit, walking around with the camera, and end up looking down the edge of a cliff at a rushing river.

You know how it is. The very fact that something’s got an edge compels people to look over it.

Later on, I’m cycling across the wide valley surrounding Fort Klamath, and this piece of cloth catches my eye. How did it end up stuck to a post over a ditch on the side of the road? Did some farmer lose a scrap of his pants while wiring the fence?

Down the next long road, I encounter this sign:

I don’t think so, Oregon farmers. Congestion is what you get when you’re driving over Highway 17 into San Jose at 9:00am on Monday morning. Cows crossing the road? A tractor blocking a lane? That’s just an excuse to stop and have a picnic.

About three hours later I climb out of the valley, heading southwest, and during one of my frequent breaks to guzzle water or sip my root beer, I find this specimen in the road:

Probably only dead for a couple of days. Then, as I’m completing the day’s journey and checking in at the Rocky Point Resort, I discover this fellow walking around on the back of my bike:

Dig those big stripey antennae, yo!

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