Albuquerque to Shattuck Page 5

Fine weather to Woodward

Ready for one more day of riding together!

The shapes and colors and textures of the grassland are enthralling.
Joyous late fall colors.

Growing quite a beard...

The closer you look, the more diversity you find, in plant and insect life.
Every time you roll onto the grass, you take a risk. There are incredibly sharp burrs scattered within, and a heavy bike will punch them right through regular tires.
Plenty of hay for the snacking.

Margaret calls this animal a "Tire-rim-asaurus Wrecks!"


Assembled 27 years ago and holding up well, apparently.

Thanks, Jim, for the roadside amusement.

I'm glad someone does. The town could use some help.

I wish I had time to visit every one of these cemeteries and lounge in the sunlight.

Curious critters.
Tagged for reference!
Cows in the sun.
Chomp chomp chomp chomp
A fox darting across the road. A truck slowed down for it.
If you try to attach a plow to me, I'll kick your face in!
They're coming up to greet me, in quite a hurry. They'll be disappointed: I have no snacks!
Critters outstanding in their field.
Just in case you're not already aware of the critters here.

I have never encountered a sign quite like this, anywhere else in the world.

Welcome to the tree ranch!
A gas refinery, I believe.
Only a few more miles to go today!
Five miles of no shoulder. Thanks, Oklahoma.
Pick a direction: More flat!

I don't know who set this up, but... Well played, my country friend.

So that's where all the boomers are!

You knows it!

Parked after a long but interesting day of riding.

All moved in!